15 June 2012

Teach the Young Women to Be Keepers at Home

Baking Bread and Etiquette at the Dinner Table
My two little girls just completed "Little Women Camp."  Two young women, one 18 and the other 20, offered this morning camp to girls ages 8 to 12.  The little girls were taught by the older girls ettiquete, baking, dancing, knitting, boating and even horse-back riding.  The older girls even played little girl games with them. 

Setting the Table

What I really appreciated about the whole concept was that these young women voluntarily put themselves in front of these little girls as role models.  They contributed to the effort that every mother makes to teach their little girls to become little women.

Take-Home Notes

It was a perfectly lovely idea, God-inspired I am sure.  I can't wait to see how the lessons of the past week play out in my daughters' lives this summer.  Thank you for Little Women Camp.

Leave your shoes at the Door

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