04 May 2015

Agitating Advertising

So, I just discovered that my favorite restaurant lets children eat free on Wednesdays.  Whoopee!  So we go on a Wednesday and sure enough there is a sign outside that declares "every child eats free!"   We have five children so this is a very exciting prospect for us and we just might be able to afford eating out more often now.  We ate (scrumptious by the way), our waiter was wonderful, we paid - and then we took a look at our bill in the car.  Time to go ask what the deal is because the amount seemed excessive considering "every child eats free."  Inside, we are told that one child per paying adult eats free (AFTER we've eaten and AFTER we've paid).  That is SO NOT what the sign outside the door says!

So, I go to Walmart where they are selling donuts for 58 cents each - or buy 12 for $4.50.  I consider this a good deal and box up 12 hand-picked donuts.  The lady at the checkout charges 58 cents a piece.  I tell her they are 12 for $4.50.  She tells me that is only if you buy the pre-packaged donuts.  I say no, the sign says 58 cents each or 12 for $4.50.  She does not agree.  She gets an associate and instead of going over and reading the sign, they agree between themselves that it's 58 cents a piece for hand-picked donuts and $4.50 for the pre-packaged.  In order to keep me from arguing with that, they invite another associate over who heartily agrees with them.  I am willing to accept that I misread the sign.  But NO ONE went over to read the sign.  So I said I only wanted six then, not twelve.  So I did make things a tiny bit difficult.  I got back in my car and just couldn't accept that I had misread the sign.  I went back in and sure enough - 58 cents each or 12 for $4.50 (hand-picked mind you, no pre-packaged in sight).  Then I had to decide that it wasn't worth making a fuss about or staying mad about for any longer than ten minutes (or eleven and a half minutes . . . )

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